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Hangtown, CA, May 21, 2016

The Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha team started off the motocross season with a bang.  After such a successful supercross season, the team was back up on the podium, at the first round of the Outdoors, in Sacramento.  Alex Martin put on one of his best performances. In the second moto, he finished second, and took second overall. Webb took third overall, Plessinger was fourth, and Jeremy Martin fifth.  It was Mitchell Harrison’s pro motocross debut.  He took a few spills, which resulted in his overall position, not being a true reflection of his speed on the day.

East/West Shootout, Las Vegas, NV, May 7, 2016

The final round, and East/West Shootout had finally arrived; along with it came rain, and muddy track conditions.  The Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha riders really had their work cut out for them.  The tough conditions, in addition to an injury, made it extremely challenging for the West Coast title contender, Cooper Webb, to reclaim the title. Webb pushed through, and managed to get the job done, winning the championship by just one point.  Aaron Plessinger, who was second in the points, on the East, had a crash in the main.  He thrived racing in the mud, which allowed him to work his way up to fourth.  Alex and Jeremy Martin both got stuck in the mud, more than once.  Alex finished eighteenth, and Jeremy, fifteenth.

E.Rutherford, NJ, April 30, 2016


The penultimate round’s results were pivotal in the championship. Title contenders, Aaron Plessinger and Jeremy Martin, were well aware of it.  Martin was the fastest qualifier, and Plessinger had an outstanding ride in the second heat.  Martin went on to take the third podium spot, in the main.  Plessinger’s sixteenth-place start cost him dearly, but he still worked his way up to fifth.

 All eyes will be on the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha team, at the season’s final in Las Vegas, May 7, 2016. Both the East and West coast championships are at stake, and Star has a shot at claiming both titles.  Defending West Coast Champion, Cooper Webb, has a sixteen-point lead. On the East, Aaron Plessinger, lies second in the championship.  He goes into the final round, fourteen points off the lead.  Jeremy Martin remains in third, and has a nineteen-point deficit. 

Foxborough, MA, April 23, 2016

The East Coast’s seventh round, in Foxborough, MA, started out wet and muddy.  Last week’s winner Jeremy Martin was the fastest 250 qualifier.  The team’s two title contenders, Jeremy Martin and Aaron Plessinger, started out mid-pack in the main event.  Martin got ahead early on, and worked his way into second.  A few mistakes prevented him from taking the win, but he gained points in the championship.  Plessinger worked his way into fifth, and was inches away from taking the fourth spot.  He was unable to make the pass in time, and finished fifth.

St.Louis, MO, April 16, 2016

The Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha team had its most successful supercross race to date in St.Louis, with both of its rider’s taking the top two steps of the podium.  The Yamalube Star Racing Yamahas dominated, as they finished seconds ahead of the field. Jeremy Martin took the holeshot, led every lap of the main, and took his second win of the season. Last week’s winner, Aaron Plessinger kept up his game, and came in with a strong second place finish.