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Latest Updates

Here you will find all the current updates regarding the Riders and Team. 


N Heslop

Frenchman, Dylan Ferrandis, showed off his sand riding skills at Southwick.  Dylan, took the first moto win, and finished second in the second moto.  His first time racing the infamous sand track awarded him the second podium spot.  Plessinger was battling for the lead in the first moto, when he crashed hard, ending his racing for the day. Harrison went six-seven, to finish seventh overall.  Colt Nichols got caught in some start pile-ups and came from the back in both motos.  He rode hard and finished inside the top ten.  He took ninth overall.


N Heslop

The Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha bikes were Star- Spangled and ready to race for the Independence Day weekend race, Redbud, and so was the hometown rider, Mitchell Harrison. Harrison, had his best ride of the season yet, finishing fourth overall.  He took a seventh in the first moto then went on to finish second in the second moto, and even lead a few laps.  Dylan Ferrandis got fifth overall for the day; finishing five-four.  Last week’s winner, Aaron Plessinger, went six-eleven, to finish fifth overall.  Colt Nichols was tenth in the first moto, and twelfth in the second, which gave him thirteenth overall for the day.


N Heslop

After a week off, the series returned to High Point.  Despite having a big practice crash, Aaron Plessinger was on his game in the motos.  He had two third-place finishes and took third overall.  Ferrandis was also on point; he went four-four, for fourth overall.  Mitchell Harrison took a top ten finish, with a tenth in the first moto, and ninth in the second moto.  Colt Nichols faced challenges in both motos as he got caught in a start pile-up in the first moto.  In the second moto, he was running in seventh and crashed on the second last lap.  He ended up seventeenth overall.



Glen Helen, CA, May 27, 2017

N Heslop

Ferrandis wins the second moto at Glen Helen

The Frenchman, Dylan Ferrandis, won the second moto at Glen Helen, by over twenty seconds this weekend.  Ferrandis, who had a ninth-place finish in the second moto after crashing, took his first outdoor moto win.  His results earned him the third podium spot.  Plessinger finished third in the first moto but crashed in the second and came through to thirteenth.  He took seventh overall. Colt Nichols had another strong day, taking fifth in the first moto and fourth in the second moto, which earned him fifth overall.  Mitchell Harrison had a top-ten overall, after going thirteen-eight.

Hangtown, CA, May 20, 2017

N Heslop

The season opener was an eventful one for the Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha team.  Following last year’s success, the team was back up on the podium, with Aaron Plessinger taking third overall.  Colt Nichols who missed who had just come back from injury had a solid ride, finishing sixth overall.  Ferrandis’s outdoor debut was going strong up until a crash in the first moto ended his racing for the day.  Harrison crashed in both motos but was still able to take a top-ten overall finish.