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Latest Updates

Here you will find all the current updates regarding the Riders and Team. 

Glen Helen, CA


250 Moto 1: Jeremy Martin was second on the start and gained first position during the first lap. After making the pass for the lead, he showed that he was the fastest rider on the track, leading every lap of the race and taking his first moto win of the season in a dominant fashion with a 15 second lead.     

Cooper Webb on the other hand, started mid-pack and with great effort he passed all the up to second place. Even when he was challenged on the last lap, for the second place finish, he refused to back down resulting in the Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha’s taking the top two positions in the first moto.

Rookie, Anthony Rodriguez, had a good start and was riding strong in his first ever Pro Motocross race. He was in 5th position until he crashed. He got up and finished in 24th place.    

250 Moto 2: The second moto started with Jeremy Martin and Cooper Web upfront until the race was red- flagged because of a start pileup. Unfortunately Rodriguez was involved in the crash and did not restart. Martin once again got off to a great start and soon found himself upfront on the first lap. He dominated the race and got the second moto win with an impressive 21 second lead. Cooper Webb was top ten in the first lap of the restart. He charged his way through the pack up to second, passing previous MX champion Blake Bagget, giving Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha the top two positions for the second moto. The all-new 14 250F Yamaha was dominant in both motos, and had all the media scratching their heads wondering what happened to all the past champions and world champions that were in this very strong field.

Jeremy Martin got the overall win at Glen Helen with both moto wins. Cooper Webb came in second overall, finishing second in both motos.