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Latest Updates

Here you will find all the current updates regarding the Riders and Team. 

Unadilla, NY, August 10, 2019

N Heslop

Celebrating fifty years of racing at Unadilla, the 2019 National was a remarkable one in more ways than one for Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha.  Dylan Ferrandis went two-one to win the overall on one of the toughest tracks this year.  Justin Cooper, went four-four to take fourth overall. Nichols was next, with a fifth overall finish. Rookie, Ty Masterpool, achieved another top-ten result after going eleven-thirteen.  Oldenburg finished ninth in the first moto, but crashed in the second, and was unable to finish the moto.  To add to the team’s success, it was officially announced that Justin Cooper has been selected to represent team USA at the 2019 Motocross of Nations.  The event will take place in the Netherlands, on September 28 and 29.


Washougal, WA, July 27, 2019

N Heslop

The Washougal fans were treated to some spectacular racing at round nine of the Pro Motocross Series. The Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamahas dominated the starts in both motos.  The crowd cheered as Ferrandis battled for the lead in some of the closest racing this season.  He successfully took both moto wins and got his second overall win.  Justin Cooper was also on the podium, in third, after finishing two-four.  Nichols was fifth in the first moto and took the second moto’s holeshot. A crash set him back and he finished ninth; taking eighth overall.  Masterpool finished thirteenth.  Mitchell Oldenburg crashed out in the first moto but an eleventh-place finish in the second gave him sixteenth overall.



Spring Creek, MN, July 20, 2019

N Heslop

Spring Creek hosted round eight of the Pro Motocross Series.  Rain caused a few delays throughout the day and cut qualifying down to just one practice.  Muddy track conditions created few options for passing, but Dylan Ferrandis got creative and gave it his best effort at getting by.  He went five-four, for fourth overall.  Nichols had a tough first moto but excelled in the second.  His result of fourteen-two, gave him sixth overall.  Cooper finished seventh in the first moto and was running second when he crashed in the second moto: he ended in tenth and took seventh overall.  Ty Masterpool was able to work through the field in both motos and got a top ten overall finish.  Oldenburg ended the day in nineteenth overall.    


RedBud, MI, July 6, 2019

N Heslop

Dylan Ferrandis put on a dominating performance at RedBud.  He showed that he was the fastest 250 rider of the day when he qualified in pole position and took both moto wins with ease.  Ty Masterpool had a break-through moment in his career; finishing fourth in the first moto and eleventh in the second.  He ended the day with a sixth-place overall.  Justin Cooper went three-six for a third-place podium finish.  Nichols had a lot of battles up front, but a crash in the first moto cost him positions.  He went eleven-five for seventh overall.  Mitchell Oldenburg also had a crash in the first moto.  His results of fifteen-thirteen gave him fourteenth overall.

pod red.JPG

Southwick, June 29, 2019

N Heslop

A sandy Southwick was host round six of the series.  The track conditions were typically tougher than most, and the Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha riders rose to the occasion.  Dylan Ferrandis was third in the first moto.  After a few bike changes, he was unbeatable in the second moto; taking the moto win and finishing second overall.  Justin Cooper went two-three, for third overall.  Nichols was eighth overall, after finishing fifth in the first moto and eleventh in the second.  The team’s rookie, Ty Masterpool, had an impressive first moto, with an eighth-place finish.  A fifteenth in the second moto gave him twelfth overall.  Oldenburg had some crashes and finished the day in sixteenth place.